Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wondering why there have been no updates in a while?

I am happy to announce The Grand Retirement Plan's Blog has moved to WordPress! 

We will leave this blog for now, but it will not get as much attention.

WordPress blogs have many more features for us to use.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting THE Sale!

Congrats to the newest Person of The Week at AdLandPro! Way to go Len! Thanks to all who voted last week! 

The not-so-secret weakness of many small businesses is that they don't nurture leads as well as they should. In general, it takes seven touches before a lead is ready to buy, but most businesses
give up after one or two attempts. That adds up to a lot of missed opportunities!
Nurturing keeps you in front of leads so they'll come to you when they are ready to buy. To do this right, start by putting yourself in your prospects' shoes to determine what's important to them.
Then create content that educates and builds trust. Using this content, you can create campaigns that move prospects progressively towards the sale.
For example, after someone downloads a report from your website, add them to a nurturing campaign that invites them to schedule an appointment. Keep following up (in a friendly and helpful way) until the lead is ready to move forward. This kind of steady follow-up will have a huge impact on
your conversion rate and sales.
Then take your nurturing to the next level with intelligent automation that adapts to the prospects behavior.
You can do this by automating a series of messages built into an intelligent autoresponder campaign to build the trust necessary to get them to a buying decision. This level of responsiveness ensures that your campaigns are timely and relevant.
Len LaChapelle

Friday, August 19, 2011

Are You Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

How do you feel about network marketing?  Is it all a scam or just a delusion?  Maybe it could be a figment of your imagination  since most folks that earnestly give it a try never succeed.  Why is that?  Could it be that they are barking up the wrong tree?  For the seasoned marketer, they have all barked up many wrong trees and suffered the consequences of their barking.  They may have barked because someone told them to or ask them to, but they can’t always blame others for their misfortunes, can they?

By barking up the wrong tree means that you have not found the niche that truly suits you and your personality.  We all have our strong and weak qualities and in order to be successful in network marketing, you MUST find the niche that suits you best, then give it your all and all.  People will be able to tell if you really believe in the product you are selling or the program you are promoting.  They want to follow confident leaders, not those who are wishy washy.

What you must learn to do is determine first what it is you want to do, then search the net for that niche.  Google makes it very easy to find anything on the world-wide web so you really have no excuse for not trying.  Just type in a word or phrase, then watch the internet work its magic right before your very eyes.  Expect to be overwhelmed with the responses that will show up, then weed out the ones you know are not for you.  If it is a program you are interested in promoting then do your due diligence to find out all you can before you invest your valuable time, energies and possibly your hard earned funds.  Remember, you can’t blame anyone but yourself if you bark up the wrong tree!  Do the same for any product you wish to promote and sell.

Barking up the wrong trees can produce many heartaches, but if you join a team like TGRP, then you will be able to eliminate the majority of those heartaches because we are hear to help you make the right decision.  We have expertise in many of the programs on the web and know which ones are legit and which ones are not.  We tell it like it is so you won’t have to make the same mistakes many of us made in trying to find our niches.  By the way, TGRP stands for The Grand Retirement Plan and that’s probably what you are looking to do (retire) if you are seriously searching the internet.  Try your best to bark up the right trees, not the wrong ones!  Hope this has helped you somewhat in the direction you need to go for success, not failure on the world-wide web.

Respectfully Submitted,
Eddie Garcia

Sunday, August 14, 2011

If you could get Free Effective Advertising with very little effort, would you do it?

We are celebrating! And sharing new ideas and features! Read all the way to the end for Birthday Gifts for you!

The Grand Retirement Plan has a forum set up in Adland Pro with a thread where you can put your testimonials if you have appreciated our help.
Within the post of your testimonial you may add your affiliate link for The Grand Retirement Plan, but no other links.
Additional links will be in your signature.

Each time you respond to a thread that has been started your signature automatically shows giving you free effective advertising with very little effort.
AdlandPro works.

Thank you Eddie and Len for your quick action and your kind testimonials.

Below is the link to the testimonial thread.

If you have not yet joined AdlandPro, why would you wait?  F5M-MC and The Power Of One Income 4 Life also use it, giving you many opportunities to post for additional link exposure.

Login to your back office at The Grand Retirement Plan, click on referral builder to join under your sponsor if they have entered their ID.

While your there be sure to click the upgrade tab before the price increase on Sept. 1, you will be Grand Fathered in at the current price, so don’t delay, the Sept. 1 deadline will not be extended.

Did you read the subject line in this email?
If you could get Free Effective Advertising with very little effort, would you do it?
Your actions or lack of action will answer that question.

Birthday gift #1  free autoresponder:  http://bit.ly/afreeautoresponder

Birthday gift #2  Free personalized banners for your promotions
1.  http://bit.ly/giveawaybanner
2.  http://bit.ly/giveawaybanner2
If you would like to make use of the banners, contact us at:
admin@thegrandretirementplan.com   and Katrina will update the banner with your information.

As always, if you have any questions let us know, we are here to help.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday TGRP!

This is where it all started! A little over a year ago, we started The Grand Retirement Plan to help new marketers get on the right track to earning an income on the internet. We are excited with the success that our teammates are achieving with our mentor-ship and tools! Congrats to those who are learning and applying their new found knowledge to building their professional, online presence!

With our Birthday celebrations, there comes some change. We are here to help YOU!

Over the year we have added additional information and videos in the back office.
 - The 2 fan page videos that were placed in the back office and available to everyone have been replaced with updated ones.
 - We have held many live training sessions.
 - The home page has been revised.
 - Splash pages and banners have been added.
 - We have added the one on one mentoring for our diamond members and
many of you have taken advantage of it.

Over the coming year, many more videos will be added.
 - The ebooks will be replaced with new ones.
 - Information & pdf’s will also be added and updated.
 - You will also be seeing some changes to the home page over the next couple of weeks.

The Grand Retirement Plan was formed out of a desire to help those who
were struggling online and failing to produce an income from home.
It is our desire, to help each and everyone of you, to build a lifetime of residual income.

After spending the first year building and improving the site, we have decided, that for the quality of training we are providing it is necessary at this time to implement a slight increase in the subscription price, but no fear for you.
All of you are being grandfathered in at the current price and your subscription will never increase.
For those of you that have not upgraded, the current price will remain in effect until Sept. 1 so be sure to log in and upgrade before the price increase.

The current price for the Ruby upgrade is 17.95.
The upgrade for the Diamond membership is $29.95.
Remember this is a yearly price, not a monthly price and the Diamond membership comes with one-on-one mentoring as well.
Can you find any other service that will give you one-on-one mentoring plus referral commissions?

The new pricing will be 14.95 for the Ruby OTO and $23.95 for the ruby upgrade.

The Diamond OTO offer will be 29.95 and the upgrade will be 43.95.

The referral commissions will remain the same:
15% for free members that refer upgraded members.
20% for Ruby members that refer upgraded members.
40% for Diamond member that refer upgraded members.

So the price increase will give you added benefits as well, since the referral commissions will remain the same.

Log in now to secure your spot at the lower subscription price and be grandfathered in to never have a price increase.

The referral contest is still on as well.
The first member to bring in 50 Diamond members will win $100.

The first member to bring in 50 Ruby members will win $50.

The referral contest was put in place on Nov 3, 2010.

A lot of exciting things are happening and will continue to happen, again we thank all of you for your support thru this first year.

In appreciation we would like to offer you, our valued members,  a free autoresponder.  http://bit.ly/afreeautoresponder

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dan Shows Where We Can Get Some Extra Cash!

The F5M-MC Millionaires Club and the learning center The Grandretirementplan for Online Business is helping  People that are unfamiliar with online marketing and networking,  including Senior Citizens make a suitable contribution to their bank account and shows them the key ways to work online.
Some people are just looking for a small amount of money to help pay bills or a useful supplemental income with have to spend 40 hours a week working a full time job.
By contributing $5.00 to join the F5M-MC Millionaires Club, you are on your way with a business that can grow on your own time table.
F5M-MC Millionaires Club  will not promise you instant riches as others falsely lead you into scams to take your money, never to be heard from again.
By Joining The Grand Retirement Plan as a Diamond Member, You are given the same business with F5M-MC Millionaires Club Membership when you join and with the Diamond Membership you also receive top training from some of the top members, plus a Slew of educational e-books that help you prosper in this business.
This is not a get-rich-fast scheme, but it has been paying out for 17 years non-stop.

Click Here and Take the the tour and see if this business is for you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eddie Was Gullible, But NOT Anymore!

A very special THANK YOU to Eddie for writing this for our blog!

I remember when I first began my adventure on this expansive world-wide web. It was truly a scary one to begin with and I was very intimidated to say the least. Everyone seemed to be so knowledgeable and so sure of themselves. This made me very vulnerable to all their evil deeds in which I found out later on were very misleading. You see, in general, I am a very trusting person until I find out that you have deceived me somehow. That is when the trusting factor STOPS. I can't stand liars, cheaters, thieves, etc. I do not participate in such activities, therefore I do not condone them in any fashion, nor do I believe others should be practicing them. Of course I am old enough to know that this world is full of evil people just waiting to take advantage of someone, somehow.

Yes, I have fallen prey to many scams since my beginnings but not anymore. I have learned the hard way but I am now focused and on a mission to help others so they will not have the same misfortunes as me. This comes in the way of getting involved with programs like The Grand Retirement Program, also known as TGRP. Here I have met GOOD people who have the same mindset as me and are willing to help, not hinder, those that are looking for ways to earn an honest living from network marketing. I could name some of these outstanding folks that have now become my good friends, but for fear of leaving someone off the list, I will just tell you that they exist within this group.

If you find yourself falling prey to each and every pre-launch that rears it's ugly head, then you need to change your way of thinking RIGT NOW and realize there are NO “get rich” programs out there. You need to discover your niche, then concentrate on finding a legit opportunity that offers what you are interested in pursuing. Once you find it, focus on building it and it only until it is strong and producing income on its own. Once this is accomplished, then you are ready to move on to your next opportunity. Just remember, too many irons in the fire can oftentimes take your attention off what needs to be handled immediately. When this happens you realize days have flown by and you have not accomplished one thing.

I have come a long way in my networking adventure and I have been very discouraged at times. Now I am on the road to success and I owe to all the good folks that have shown me ways to improve my strategies and point me in the right direction. For these I will forever be grateful. Gullible? Not anymore! I pray this has given you a ray of hope that you can still make an outstanding living on the internet if you use caution and listen to the right people. Much to your success my friend!

Respectfully submitted,